Gravity Sound Studio

Footsteps on Surfaces 2


Introducing Footsteps on Surfaces 2 - your ultimate foley footsteps sound effects collection designed for game developers and filmmakers. This pack offers an all-encompassing experience containing a total of 604 foley footstep sound effects with 11 unique walking surfaces, perfect for enhancing the realism of footstep sounds in your project. Explore various movements such as steps, jumping, sliding, feet shuffling, and stomping, all meticulously crafted to add depth to your audio.

Step confidently on hardwood, wood, sand, grass, tile, gravel, pavement, carpet, thick carpet, metal, and snow. Whether your characters traverse urban landscapes, mysterious dungeons, or serene landscapes, Footsteps on Surfaces 2 provides the authentic and diverse sound palette you need. Elevate your project's audio quality and captivate your audience with this comprehensive and immersive sound effects pack.

SFX: 604

File Type: WAV

File Format: 44100 Hz/16 bit

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