Gravity Sound Studio

Building Game Sounds


All in one pack for building game sound effects. If you are looking to create a building game simulator, our building Game Sounds pack has all the sounds you need to get started.


With a total of 160 SFX, we have included 90 one shot sounds such as hammering, digging, item building/removing and more. We have also included 70 loop tracks for a total of 30:00. We split the loop tracks into 10 second building loops (hospitals, restaurants, schools etc.), 5 second construction loops (digging, hammering, chopping etc.) and 1 minute environment loops (rain, park, city etc.)

Total SFX: 160

One Shot SFX: 90

Loop SFX: 70

Loop SFX Time: 30:00

File Type: .WAV

File Format: 44100 Hz/16 Bit

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