Gravity Sound Studio

Dungeon Ambience


Introducing our Dungeon Ambience Sound Pack, designed specifically for game developers and video editors. This comprehensive collection features 65 unique horror background loops, each spanning one minute in duration, resulting in a total of 65 minutes of chilling audio content. Dive into the depths of your imagination with an array of haunting sounds, including eerie drips, ominous chains, molten lava, ghostly voices, atmospheric drones, and haunting wind howls.

Elevate your projects with the immersive audio atmosphere of Dungeon Ambience. You'll also find unsettling elements such as fluttering bats, scurrying rats, and a multitude of other spine-tingling details, all carefully crafted to add depth and realism to your gaming and video editing experiences. Whether you're building a spooky dungeon level or enhancing a horror film scene, our sound pack will transport your audience into the heart of darkness.

SFX: 65

Minutes: 65

File Type: WAV

File Format: 44100 Hz/16 Bit

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