This sound pack license agreement is a contract between you (the "Licensee") and Gravity Sound. Upon purchasing, follow the terms and conditions:

Grant of License

Gravity Sound grants you a non-exclusive license to utilize particular sound recordings (and the underlying compositions, as may be the case), hereinafter referred to with the terms and conditions herein. “Sound Packs” refers to any file categorized containing sound effects and music. This license is valid in perpetuity and in the territory of the world. You may use the sound pack files over and over again in unlimited projects. You may use the sound pack files for your own project as well as projects that you undertake for your employer or clients.

Permitted Uses

Sound pack files may be used or modified in combination with other types of samples or sounds to effectively form a new composition or derivative work, in a man isolated original files. Sound pack files purchased under the terms of this license agreement may be used in the following types of projects: TV, Radio, films, apps, web videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), websites, podcasts, softwares, video games, e-cards, slideshows, Powerpoint, Flash, animations, audio on-hold, wedding personal use), or for your own personal enjoyment.

Prohibited uses

You may not use the sound pack in any downloadable format intended for multiple distribution such as in a template-based system, e-card generator, or other sound packs. You may not use the sound pack files to compete with Gravity Sound, or use it in a way that would likely be considered defamatory, libellous, fraudulent or illegal.


You understand that Gravity Sound own and retain all right, title, and interest in the sound pack. You may not sublicense, sub-distribute, or resell this sound pack.