Gravity Sound Studio

Horror Ambience


Introducing our Horror Ambience sound pack designed exclusively for game developers seeking to infuse spine-tingling atmospheres into their creations! This carefully curated collection boasts 10 uniquely crafted soundtracks, offering a substantial 23 minutes and 48 seconds of chilling background music.

These tracks have been artfully composed to immerse players in a world of unsettling suspense. From ghostly whispers to haunting melodies, each element has been meticulously engineered to heighten the sense of fear and anticipation in your game.

With this sound pack at your disposal, you can effortlessly transport players to eerie locales, abandoned buildings, and otherworldly dimensions, all while keeping them on edge throughout their journey.

Tracks: 10

Minutes: 23:48

File Type: WAV

File Format: 44100 Hz/16 Bit

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